Christopher Michon




Design is far more than just a job. Design is far more than just making beautiful things. Design is in the DNA of great objects, brands, and ideas. I strive to bring that design sense to each and every project that I'm involved with. Starting at the ground floor by asking lots of questions, but mostly "why?" Why are we doing this? Who is this for? What are we expecting to gain from this? Where will this lead us? And when the hell do we need it by?

After the project has been realized, it's time to get moving. I tend to move pretty quickly between sketches and the computer. I will constantly jump back and forth between the two until I get the ideas that I can see clearly in my head onto something that everyone else can see. This iterative process can take as little as one day, to as long as one week (or longer) to land on the correct solution. In between there are reviews, questions, and spirited discussions. 

Where the project goes from there really depends on the scope of it. What else is needed? Do we need to involve more designers? Do we need to call in a freelance illustrator or photographer? Then I will work to get them up-to-speed, and direct their work to make sure it stays in line with the confines of the goal. From there we can iterate some more. Did I mention iterate? Again, depending on the project, we will need to get quotes, samples, or line-up other work streams to be prepared for a handoff. 

Once a project has been handed off, there's still a lot of work to do. We need to make sure the project stays within the established guidelines and is delivered within the accepted timeline. Then, when the project is completed we can work with the feedback received on the initial launch to, you guessed it, iterate some more.

Working with brands in the past, a lot of projects never even come to fruition as I've learned that one of the most important and valuable words you can use is "no." A lot of people think of design as additive only. That's simply not true as saying "no" to an idea can be more valuable to protecting and maintaining the integrity of a brand than short term fix.